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Largest Festival in the Adirondacks

Craftproducers has been creating upscale and unique festivals in New York and New England for over 35 years. Craftproducers is a respected leader in the Art and Craft Festival market and is known for its high quality, innovative shows.

We maintain very high standards for our shows. All shows are juried, which means that the artists must submit samples of their work to exhibit. Only high quality, original work is accepted. No buy-sell is allowed and the artists must be present at the show to represent their work. Our public appreciates these high standards.

In addition to promoting shows, Craftproducers takes seriously its responsibility to promote the Art and Craft industry. We understand that our artists represent a special asset and that we are the trustees of this asset. We will only succeed if our artists succeed. We work to educate the public about arts and crafts and to help them understand the unique products that our artists offer.

Besides Art and Craft events, we have organized several notable culinary festivals. Together with Kitchen Aid, Saveur Magazine, and Stratton Mountain, Craftproducers founded and managed the Vermont Wine and Food Festival. More recently, we staged the first Annual Albany Craft Beer Festival. Additionally, Craftproducers has a long history of consulting with companies helping them start and manage successful events.

Mission Statement

To organize and manage events and festivals that are enjoyable for patrons and profitable for participants.


Craftproducers loves people and events. We relish the excitement of setting up a show and enjoy the challenges that any event brings. Besides all the logistical expertise required, Craftproducers is well equipped to develop a promotional campaign focusing on public relations and advertising. We are an accredited advertising agency and we pass on our discounts to our clients. So, if your organization wants help starting or running an event, contact us.

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