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Sales Tax

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Sales Tax Info: 

You must send us your tax identification numbers for each state in which you are doing a show. We will keep this information on file. The States of New York and Vermont  require us to report this information, and you will be liable if it is not received.

  • For NY Shows: To get a tax ID call 518.485.2889, go to or write to New York State Tax Department, Taxpayer Assistance Bureau, W. A. Harriman Campus, Albany, New York 12227. You must bring your actual tax certificate to the show and display it in your booth.
  • For VT Shows: Write to Vermont Department of Taxes, PO Box 547, Montpelier, VT 05609. Or, call 802.828.2551 and request a form to get a sales tax number. The forms are online at Manchester exhibitors must collect an additional 1% tax.
  • For MA Shows:.Write to Department of Revenue, PO Box 7010, Boston, MA 02204 or  call 617-887-6367 to request form to get sales tax number. After November 30 go online and see their new  MassTaxConnect section.
  • For NH:  There is no sales tax in New Hampshire. You do not have to file.

In addition, for the Saratoga show you MUST MAIL (NO EMAIL OR FAX) a copy of you sales tax id by June 1. We MUST give a copy to the Fairgrounds.

In Saratoga, you MUST display the sales tax form in your booth.